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#BlackFriday - What Are The Top Brands On Social Media This Year?

So today is that crazy day when people go into supermarkets and fight over TVs but for those who would much rather do the battling online, here are this year's top brands on social media. A study was made comparing Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and the results show very different approaches to the platforms in the US.

Engagement Labs eValue tool ranked the brands and while Instagram's top ten brands are more or less all clothing, Facebook seems to attract the more classic supermarket retailers. At the top we have Nordstrom followed by Publix, both supermarket chains. Nordstrom received a high score of 93.11 thanks to their extremely quick and efficient response service. Over on Twitter Nordstrom came second with Macy's in first place which got a score of 89.06. Again, it is thanks to a very good speed of response and satisfaction of two way conversation quality that Macy's obtained its high scores.

Back to Instagram, we can see a predominance of clothing retailers. At the very top we can see Hollister Co. who scored a whopping 94.97 as opposed to its 7th place on Facebook. Up there in second and third places are American Eagle and H&M. In fact H&M may have come third but their number of followers was the highest and that number grew the most during the time of the study. 

This is just the beginning of things for retailers as the holiday season really has started. Black Friday could increase sales by 3.7% in the US in November and December. Social media is really proving retailers online success but it does not necessarily mean that they are as popular offline. There are other brands like Amazon or Costco who 'offer a wide range of products that are driving conversation' according to CEO at Engagement Labs Brian Segel. He does not deny however how social media is helping the clothing retailers 'with social media focusing on visuals, it is no surprise these clothing brands are performing well on social'. 


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