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The Death of the Email? Bosses Approve Online Chatting at Work


Office-based social networking is growing in popularity and could be beneficial to your business. 'Enterprise social software' is expected to be worth more than $8bn by 2019, as more and more businesses implement it in order to streamline internal communications. As we previously reported, Facebook at Work was introduced back in January of this year, with over 300 companies signed up - RBS are their largest customer to date, with the service being rolled out to 100,000 employees in 2016. 

With a deluge of emails flooding your inbox, it can sometimes be difficult to pick out more urgent and pressing internal communications, an issue that social software at work is helping to combat. It is hoped that by using more online chatting services in the workplace, recipients waste less time sifting through email fodder. Andy Jankowski, founder of Enterprise Strategies, a corporate communications firm, says that "email overload is a common phenomenon in many corporations, resulting in employees not reading all that they receive".

With data showing high figures of employees using social media at work anyway, particularly for non-professional means, it makes sense to implement a structure that hones its use during work hours. Of course, the idea brings fears that social chatting at work will greater take up work hours, but advocates believe that such implementations will actually free up precious time and result in employees collaborating more effectively. 

The video below provided by ACAS (The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) gives further information and advice on social media in the workplace.

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