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Your Favourite Domino's Pizza At The Push Of A Button

Just when you thought things couldn't get any lazier Domino's are releasing a button from which you can order your favourite pizza. It comes in a small Domino's box and when you open the top, there you have it, the almighty powerful button. It is linked up to the app on your phone where you will have registered your favourite order and other details and when you press on the button it will be on their screens ready to prepare. The button is provided by Flic, who are experts in the wireless button industry. The original buttons can be used with iOS and Android and have already been useful for snoozing alarms and playing and pausing music amongst other things. As long as you use Bluetooth you're ready to go.

The thing is, how different is it actually to just getting your phone out and clicking on a button there? I suppose people will love the idea and it's far more exciting than just using your phone. Even if you are essentially still using it, it doesn't feel like it. This is a step up from the 'Tweet to order' possibility that was introduced in the US using just a pizza emoji. Simon Wells, the marketing director commented on the amount of fun they had coming up with the idea and producing it. 'We also know that our customers love innovation [...] We've had a lot of fun creating the Easy Order and hope our customers will love it too' he said.

Their marketing strategy is clever and people will like it. There will be a 'virtual' version of the button on the app, but they are confident that customers will enjoy using the mini pizza box button. A 'second phase' to the button is hopefully being developed in time for next year, god knows what that will be. It is fun, interactive and exciting. Lazy, yes, but no worse than ordering from your phone. 75% of Domino's is ordered online now so it only makes sense to go with the flow and encourage more customers. To start with I thought 'but surely you can only order the same thing over and over' but I suppose a lot of people do have the same pizza every time anyway. And if not, the details can more than likely be changed in the app. I'd love to give it a go. And in the UK we will be able to from December. But in the meantime give the virtual button a go on the app. Once your address, payment details and of course your favourite pizza is securely saved, go for it.

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