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Bentley's Facial Recognition App Helps Customers Choose 'Perfect' Car


The term 'first world problem' has never been so pertinent. Is your most taxing concern that you are stuck pondering which Bentley Bentayaga SUV to buy? Nah, me either. But apparently the struggle is real, and the high-end car manufacturer have released an app to aid the privileged few.

Inspirator, created by VML London, provides a 'luxury commissioning experience' that works by recognising your emotional responses to an 'individual film experience' which will in turn recommend the colours, materials and specifications most suited to you.

I mean, really? Is there REALLY such a high volume of confused clientèle that causes for such a creation? To even be in the position to purchase one of these vehicles you're most likely some kind of go-getter anyway, and probably won't be making your $250,000 purchase dependant on this app.

It works by detecting hotspots: 'engagement', 'sentiment' 'surprise' and 'aversion'. I'm pretty sure my reactions during the process were nothing short of detachment, indifference, and mild bemusement. Inspirator suggested an Imperial Blue hide for my new imaginary whip - this was based on the conclusion (owing to my visual reactions) that 'the effortless perfection of spending a summers day with family' resonated with me. EH?!? I don't even like the colour blue. And for what's worth, it was probably my least favourite clip of all. Note to self: my facial expressions are the very antithesis of what I'm thinking - good to know.

The overbearing explanation of 'extraordinary' from a well-suited, annoyingly smug man lasts for an agonising 5 minutes, and did nothing to convince me of the supremeness of the car and did everything to reaffirm that this is nothing more than useless tech for the invisible 1%ers. If this is really going to benefit someone, then I don't know them (maybe I need new friends). I can see how this type of technology could have a significant impact on mobile marketing in the future, but for now all this app exemplifies is that it isn't relevant to the public majority.

So for now the monstrous blue creation chosen for me 'by me', complete with its 'dark stained burr walnut' veneer, can remain a dream. With that dire colour scheme, I hope it stays that way for good.

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