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Facebook Reveal Oculus Rift Powered 'Teleportation Station'

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Recently at a conference it Delhi, Mark Zuckerberg and co made it clear that they planned to put a lot of time and money into AI research, despite the recent, explicit warnings from various science and tech colossi. Well, it seems like there's another, less controversial arrow in their RND quiver in the form of something called the 'Teleportation Station'.

When I first heard the name, I was worried we were going to end up watching shaky news footage of Mark Zuckerberg rampaging through silicon valley, his DNA having been merged with that of some kind of insect, but thankfully the kind of teleporting to which this name refers is not the literal kind (ie splitting molecules apart and blasting them to another location, then knitting them back together).

This, figurative version of the phenomenon involved the Oculus Rift, and might be the most interesting use they've found for it since the $2 billion acquisition last year, which until now was tantamount to that episode of Scrubs in which the Janitor bought a large circular saw, but refused to admit he didn't actually have anything to cut, and that really, he just wanted it because it was cool.

The idea is that, using the Rift, you'll be able to transport yourself just about anywhere in the world, or a virtual replication of it which will utilise the currently available visual aspect of the Rift, as well as the Oculus Touch control device and sensory immersion. The latter isn't even in development yet, but Facebook say that this idea will hopefully come true fruition in 2025, which gives them an ample amount of time to figure it out.

The really exciting part is that, aside from composite impressions of places which really exist, one could theoretically visit any number of fictional worlds, either generated by users through the scene construction tools being developed by Surreal Vision (acquired by Oculus in May) or actual developers.The possibilities are endless, from Middle Earth to Tatooine to that crazy grid world from Johnny Quest. We've got a long time to wait on this one, but it's encouraging to see Facebook trying to unlock its full potential.

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