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Twitter Data To Help Physicians Improve MRI Scan Experience

A medical journal has claimed that micro-blogging site Twitter is a valuable tool in helping to improve patient anxiety before, during and after MRI scans.

A study published by the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences has found that by analysing tweets - 450 in a month long period - they can distinguish three core areas relating to MRI experience: the appointment, the scan and subsequent diagnosis.

Having never had to have an MRI myself, or known anyone else who has, the prospect is daunting.  I can see how the scan can cause feelings of stress, panic and claustrophobia given the process and the potential result. It seems a crazy concept that something such as Twitter could improve the experience, or that something even thought of the idea in the first place, but if it can, I'm all for it.

Research found by analysing tweets suggest that something as small as letting the patient choose their own music can help reduce anxiety. The researcher behind the findings,  Johnathan Hewis said: “Music choice is a simple intervention that can provide familiarity within a terrifying environment.”

According to Digital Trends, social media is becoming increasingly significant to collecting data in the medical field. After all, social media gives an individual and personal insight into many aspects of people's lives, and why shouldn't this information be interpreted to improve or ease the stress of situations we'd rather not be in.

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