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Google Introduces Crisis Info Hub for Refugees


Technology is beginning to combat third-world as well as first-world problems. Google has announced the release of their Crisis Info Hub, aimed at providing migrants much-needed travel information as they flood into Europe in search of a better life. The news follows a call for donations by Google last month to raise money for organisations that are aiding the refugees, which raised over €10,000,000.

The open source project, named the Crisis Info Hub, includes information on lodging, medical services, travel updates, emergency contacts and more. The site is currently live in Lesvos, Greece, where in September alone over 73,000,000 migrants passed through.

This is the first mass migration crisis where travellers have had smartphones. Considered a necessity in our modern times, these gadgets should be utilised to make the long journey of refugees easier and safer. Google said in its blog of the current crisis: “One issue identified was the the lack of timely, hyperlocal information for refugees...working with the International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps, we’ve developed an open-source project called “Crisis Info Hub” to disseminate such information in a lightweight, battery-saving way.” They say that they are also working alongside their non-governmental partners to improve connectivity.

In addition, Google has recently revealed Arabic to be the 28th language available visually and offline as part of their Translate app, enabling the language to be translated into or from German or English. With this, they are urging speakers of languages from migrating countries to contribute to the Google Translate community, in order to improve and refine their service. 

Hopefully Google's forward-thinking will inspire other large companies to help those in need. If you would like to get involved and make a contribution to the global refugee effort, click here.

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