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How To Increase Your Social Media ROI

High level executives may still not be convinced that Social Media is a viable place for marketing, but it goes without saying that it certainly has had a fair amount of success in recent years. Done right, social media can offer a lot more than just a few posts on Twitter or Facebook. The return on investment that you receive can only be generated if you are using social media correctly and efficiently. First of all I think it's important for you to decide what ROI means to you. If it is the amount of blog readings you are getting, how many shares you've had, or maybe it's the amount of sales you have achieved in day. Whatever it is, you need to keep track of them and make sure that you are reaching your expectations. Now how to actually produce any return on investment.

  • Look at what is working well for you but don't forget to listen to your fanbase or buyers. They are the ones who will be giving you anything back so the more you are in harmony with them, the better the return. If you don't listen, you will more than likely lose their trust and loyalty, and you will lose credibility and not achieve your goals. So remember, no customers, no business. 

  • If you are in charge of a blog, you need to make sure that everything you publish is worth being out there but also that it is true. If ever you publish with unverified facts or flat out lies, then the reader will catch you out and there are simply no two ways about it, you will lose your viewers. This only going to send things downhill as far as your ROI is concerned because you will not be achieving your goals in any way. So stay true to what it is you are posting about and if it is a product you are selling and hope to send the sales through the roof, then you have to be truthful about what it is you are selling. Lying is only going to drive consumers away, and once it is out on the online world, there is no going back. 

  • Apps are such a good way to keep your users up to date with the latest products, or maybe an event that you are organising to let them come, try and hopefully buy. If you can find a way of being accessible to them at all times then your chances of increasing the numbers in terms of ROI are huge. Again, whatever you have decided your ROI to be is going to affect how you decide to manage it. A real time app can be a brilliant way for customers to feel valued and know that they are among the first to know about this new product. Maybe you send blog updates directly to their smartphones before even posting it to the rest of the world. However you may go about it, make your viewers, buyers and customers in general feel part of something. This could also be a way of being in direct contact with those who need some assistance on how to use something or if they are unhappy with the quality of a product, all things that you can be keeping track of. The number of comments, the number of problems solved, or maybe the number of new connections are ALL valid contributions to your return on investment.

If you are putting out the effort required then you will no doubt get back what you put in. ROI can be calculated in many different ways but all of them are a product of the work you have invested. Social media is without a doubt one of the best places to be selling, advertising or posting so make the most of what it has to offer, all by making sure that you are getting back as much as you are investing. If you can learn how to use it properly, then build your brand with it. Everyone is online, so find your circle of viewers and work with them to make your ROI successful. These are only a few of the ways to achieve return on investment with social media but you will find that your ROI plans will be accustomed to your own company. So by all means use these as a starting point, but personalise your goals and watch those numbers rise.

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