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The Best Free Halloween-Themed Apps & Games

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to download some nifty new apps and games for your device! Whether you like spooky shoot-em-outs, creepy photo filters or zombie apocolypses, there is an app out there for you. We have put together a collection of our favourites for you to try out - all for FREE


Ghost Lens is a clever app that allows you to capture your spirit freeing itself from your body. Or rather, the app lets you take two photos and superimpose them on one another with fading tools to give the illusion of a ghostly apparition. With some imagination this app could be used to create some really fantastic photos, that aren't just spooky but highly stylistic.


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In similar fashion to the Snapchat Lenses series, Turned is an app that allows you to create either 'zombie' or 'survivor' themed photos, complete with slashes, bloody eyes, and lots of similar gory facial attributes. The effects also move in real-time with your facial expressions to add authenticity. The app boats 1,000 different gruesome combinations and allows you to share with friends on Vine, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

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Available to use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, this app gives you creative freedom to make Halloween themed e-cards for family and friends. With loads of room to customise, you can play around with the background, fonts and clip-art as much as you lie. Your finished artwork is then available to be sent through Facebook or email.


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Scare everyone around you (or probably not) with this scary sound shelf. The app suggests using it when out trick or treating to add that extra menace to the houses you visit, or perhaps it would make a good addition to spooky storytelling. The app claims 'the possibilities are endless', and the archive features sounds such as 'cat screaming' and 'squeaky door open'.


This one is a classic and not new to 2015, this EA-created game has received an update for Halloween. With new weapons, purchasable costumes for both your weapons and the zombies, this game just keeps on giving. 16 new levels have been created for you to enjoy and there's also a few premium options. 


Set in a 'Tim Burton-esque steampunk 3D world', this re-imagination of the Minesweeper classic comes complete with zombie monsters instead of mines and evil grinning skulls instead of numbers. Using logic, amble your way around the levels with your friendly four-legged companion digging up graves. You can chart your progress against your friends on Facebook and the iOS game centre.


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Unsurprisingly based on AMC's TV show The Walking Dead, this one is an action-packed app that lets you travel through locations seen on the show. You can train, fight and hunt zombies to your hearts content and join other players in their quests. There are currently 10 game episodes, with more likely to be added soon. 


Free to download over the Halloween period, this Halloween edition of BeaverTap's original lets you 'run, jump and slide through the night' to free spirits as fast as you can. In Mario-style, the simple graphic and easy game play quickly become addictive. You can customise your Mikey with different styles, and users seem to love it as it has a 4-star rating on the App Store. The original game is also available for purchase.

Some of your existing games also have some great Halloween themed updates too: check out SimCity BuildIt, Bejeweled Blitz, FarmVille 2: Country Escape and The Simpson's Tapped Out. 

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