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Top CEOs Prefer LinkedIn And Twitter

CEOs like to tweet and stay linked in. The worlds top 50 companies ranked on Fortune’s 2014 Global 500 ranking list have completely deserted Facebook, preferring to use Twitter and LinkedIn, according to PR firm Weber Shandwick. 

A study was conducted to see which social media networking platforms top dogs like to use. The study went through March this year for their involvement on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Exactly 262 companies were studied with 12 female CEOs and 250 male CEOs.

Well the award for most improved goes to Twitter, in 2012, only 2% of CEOs were tweeting but now 10% of CEOs are on Twitter.

LinkedIn won as the most popular network with 22% of CEOs using their platform – congratulations LinkedIn.


Unfortunately, Facebook lost with only 4% of the CEOs active on Facebook pages, however that does not mean they don’t have Facebook accounts. 

“Two or three years ago CEOs felt the need to be on ever platform to be doing their job properly. Now I think that CEOs are identifying which platform really works for them” Gaines- Ross, Weber Shandwick’s chief reputation strategist said.

Only 28% of these CEOs have a public social media account, only 18% did in 2013. Proof we would all be a lot more successful productive without social media accounts. 

In what is considered a nod towards the importance of videos as company market strategies, more than 50% of CEOs are participating in company videos and showing off their mighty CEO power to the world on Youtube. In 2012, it was 40% and 18% in 2010 – I guess Youtube should really take the most improved award but unfortunately they aren’t really considered a social media platform.


So why was LinkedIn the favourite? "It's certainly safer and easier and statistically much more heavily used.” said Nicholas Vehr, head of the public relations firm Vehr Communications in Downtown Cincinnati. Well it’s true, LinkedIn doesn’t rely on personal posts like opinion-sharing Facebook and Twitter. I promote’s working, charity and hard earned achievements, more suitable for working people in working environments. "For business people, LinkedIn is the 'gateway social media drug' to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter," Vehr added.

According to Cincinnati the following are the top five CEOs on each platform:

1) Santa Ono, University of Cincinnati, 13,283 followers and friends
2) Chris Cicchinelli, Pure Romance, 12,514 likes
3) Jeff Wyler, Jeff Wyler Automotive, 4,881 friends
4) Ramesh Malhotra, Malhotra Group, 3,081 friends
5) George Vincent, Dinsmore, 887 friends
*92 percent of Cincinnati CEOs had fewer than 500 friends, the survey showed

1) Ono, 46,615 followers
2) David Hodge, Miami University, 8,244 followers
3) Cicchinelli, 3,686 followers
4) Geoffrey Mearns, Northern Kentucky University, 2,473 followers
5) David Nussbaum, F+W, 1,968 followers

LinkedIn (CEOs with more than 500 friends)
1) Claude Davis, First Financial Bank
2) Andrea Ayers, Convergys Corp.
3) Joe Raver, Hillenbrand Inc.
4) Dennis Wells, LSI Industries

Well kids there you have it. Time to get LinkedIn if you want to become the next big CEO!

Jessica Smith 

Australian girl, Jessica is loving England but is missing the sunshine! She loves writing, dogs and plays hockey! Follow her @JessicaAtSMF

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