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Pinterest and Instagram launch “Buy” Button


Popular photo sharing social network apps, Pinterest and Instagram have announced “Buy” buttons to make their news feeds a shopping experience for users.

Announcing via their blogs, both major image focused social network apps are trying to make their users become consumers. If you're an online shopaholic like me, I suggest to deactivate your Pinterest and Instagram account and save your bank account! 

Instagram stated they're going ramp up their ad offerings with a "Shop Now" button that will allow users to "take action directly from an ad to sign up on a website, buy a product, or download an app."
Whereas, Pinterest announcement was more direct "Coming soon: Buyable Pins".

The "buy" button will give brands more visibility. The difference between the two shopping experiences will be on Pinterest, products will be buyable if they were placed by a brand or whether they arrived organically through consumers, Instagram appears to restrict promotion to paid campaigns.

Remember how Mark Zuckerberg purchased Instagram in 2012? Well Instagram is going to use demographic data from Facebook to better target advertisement for users. Also, Instagram plans to open ad's API to select 'marketing partners' in the near future.  

"When you spot a Pin with a blue price, you'll know you can buy it right from the app" said Pinterest. Also included will be a price filter, options to choose different colours of products, and the availability to purchase items through Apple Pay, PayPal or a credit card

Pinterest won't be taking a percentage from sales. Businesses that have used Pinterest will continue handling their own shipping and customer service the same as usual. 

The responses for the two companies could not be anymore different. Pinterest users have been begging for a "buy" button. Companies that promote their products through images via Pinterest have been placing website details in captions. Almost a third of Pinterest users brought something after seeing it on Pinterest so the response to Pinterest's announcement has been extremely positive

"More Facebook-y" has been the common response to Instagram announcement which isn't a compliment. Typically, users use Instagram to see photos of friends or beautiful imagery, users are going to see the ads and "Shop Now" button as unwanted distractions. 

Jessica Smith 

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