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Facebook Lite Puts Facebook on a Crash Diet


Facebook went on a diet and launched Facebook Lite, it’s only one quarter of a megabyte making it megalite. Facebook Lite is a new slimmed down Facebook app that uses less data and works regardless of network conditions.

The app is designed for use in developing countries where mobile data services can be spotty, slow and with low-bandwidth. The roll out of Facebook Lite will begin in certain emerging markets, namely Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe with the aim of expanding further in the upcoming weeks.

Parts of Britain, Australia and America also face poor data connections in densely populated cities and rural areas with weaker signal. Facebook Lite, provided that it expands into those countries, looks like an attractive prospect.

It took only six months of beta testing in Africa and Southeast Asia but people responded to it immediately, project manager Vijay Shankar said. In Google Play app stores, Facebook Lite has more than 4 stars and over 50,000 reviews.

“App reviews suggest people want it in their countries” said Vijay Shankar. 'All the core experiences and how you come to use them in your main app will work and look and feel the same.'

So what does it include? Well almost everything! Facebook Lite is a web-based app that allows you to use essential features like browsing your news feed, liking, commenting on posts, editing your profile picture, uploading photos, creating albums, updating your status and chatting to your friends without Facebook Messenger while only measuring at 252 KB in size.

It seems like Facebook is being extremely altruistic providing us all with better service to connect with our distant relatives and in that sense, it is great! But by making it easier for the “next billion” of users to access the largest social network means Facebook is setting itself up to gain another colossal supply of data to eventually sling ads onto a fresh wave of users, generating more money for their advertisers.

Watch a quick video demo of Facebook Lite below:

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