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iCloud Update Saves Storage Space, But Can it Restore Trust and Security?

The iCloud formed as an allusion to blue and white sunny skies; weightless space with the capability to hold our data like a comic strip thought bubble. More recently it has revealed its antithesis; raining down scandal upon the open mouthed media, naked celebrities, and dry-seeking daily folk. With a new improvement to the efficiency of their data storage, we are left asking: “Is it worth the money?” and “Can they be trusted with our data?”

The iCloud Photo Library App monitors the storage space across your synced devices. Once a device starts running low on storage space, the app, beginning with the oldest, downgrades your High-res images one by one, to lower resolution versions, saving the originals to iCloud. The lower resolution copies will always be large enough to view full screen and when the user has a data-connection, the original, high-res image will be seamlessly downloaded into play for the purpose of printing, zooming or editing.

In a world of absolute internet security, it certainly seems like a perfectly practical upgrade, but it does, however, mean that all of our clearest and most zoom-able images will be under the constant threat of hackers and perverts. Although Apple have made it perfectly clear that the recent 500-plus picture leak was the result of targeted attacks where the hackers had guessed the passwords of the victim’s accounts as opposed to “hacking” the system. So the lesson there: less naked selfies, better passwords.

Costing £160 per year, Apple is beaten for price by almost every direct competitor; Google Drive offer the same memory (1TB) for half the price, with DropBox the same at just £96. The difference is the ease of access, compatibility, and potential upgrades. If all your devices are Apple, it only makes sense to use iCloud, because it’s easy to forget that all online storage is subject to privacy threats.

 If 90% of the cars in the world were made by Ford then the majority of breakdowns would involve Ford cars, but that is not to say they’re poorly made. So with that in mind, we shouldn’t be too hard on Apple, with crop as large as theirs, they’re bound to get a few worms. 

Leo Donnelly 
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