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Facebook to Add Third Party Apps On Messenger and Is Testing Out A Phone App

Facebook is apparently testing out a standalone phone app. This would allow users to send and receive calls through the app. Think WhatsApp, but with blue colours and without the text messaging option. This is according to a leak found by the Android Police.


Furthermore, Facebook are going to be adding third party apps to Messenger in the coming few months. It’s not yet been announced what the apps will be or which developers Facebook have chosen to be allowed to create apps for Messenger. We’ll find out soon I’m sure.

Let’s get real for a minute here though Facebook. You already own WhatsApp, right? So at what point are you essentially just running two of the same services? WhatsApp have recently clamped down on users using third party apps for the service, so I wonder what Facebook have got planned in regards to this announcement of third party apps.

My only guess is that Facebook hopes that even though their two communication apps are getting a bit closer together, the inclusion of closely monitored third party apps will allow for unique services from each. Either that or one will just offer more stickers than the other. But I’m sure Facebook has more in store for us than that.

Over the past year, Facebook have been dishing out more and more updates for Messenger and have created a solid standalone messaging app after its departure from the main Facebook app. I have high hopes for Messenger, you should too. Or you can just stick with WhatsApp. I would too, but I don’t like all the green.

I’m not quite sure why Facebook would introduce their phone service as a standalone app. surely they should just go the WhatsApp way and include it with the messenger app. But with their standalone groups and messenger apps, I think it’s clear that they like the streamlined option of having different apps for different services. My clogged up home screen on my phone doesn't though.

With the success of other apps like Line, my only guess is that Facebook see’s the potential there and is bandwagoning away.

Either way, I trust you Facebook. Your Messenger app has always been great. I look forward to watching it improve

Tom Welby

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