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Ted Cruz Tweets His Presidential Intentions

Tweeting all the Way to the White House


For a while now, we’ve been at a stage where a good understanding of social media is crucial if you want to get anywhere in politics (apart from all the knowledge, morality, wherewithal and whatnot). Clearly aware of this, Senator Ted Cruz became the first major player to put his name down for the 2016 presidential race, and he did it on Twitter.

Well, more accurately, he did it during a speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, shortly after which he promptly put the video footage on his feed. If you don’t know who Ted Cruz is, he’s a Tea Party senator who featured heavily in the Affordable Care Act opposition (which ultimately resulted in the government shutdown in October 2013). Famously he gave a 21 hour long speech in the senate (the fourth longest in US senate history) against the act (and Obamacare at large).

During the speech, Cruz asked his audience to “imagine heathcare reform that keeps government out of the way between you and your doctor”. In fact, he started a fair few sentences with ‘imagine’ and Twitter being what it is, the John Lennon jokes quickly started rolling in. Some people just quoted the actual song, whilst others reworked the lyrics to criticize Cruz and his ideas.

Elsewhere, other users decided that it might be prudent to forward Cruz some suggestions for campaign slogans, ranging from the sublime (‘Cruise with Cruz!’) to the brutally honest (‘I Don't Own a Selfie Stick’). Green Eggs and Ham has been fairly regularly referenced as well, being that he read it during his almost filibuster in a bizarre bid to exemplify his family-man image. Mention has also been made of Cruz’s Canadian birthplace.

Thus far, he’s the only person to have made a concrete statement about running in 2016, but there have been others hinting at it, including Donald Trump. No, I’m not kidding. The tycoon is reportedly setting up an exploratory committee at some stage this week, having allegedly already put at least $1 million into research. He actually did this in 2012 as well, ultimately deciding against it, so this might just end up becoming the political equivalent of a fart in the wind. Trump has also been one of the people to question Cruz's ability to run, given that he's Canadian by birth.

If Trump does decide to run, the Twitter storm stirred up by Cruz will likely pale in comparison to the online response to that announcement, but whatever happens, we’re looking at the most social media heavy presidential campaign in history, who knows what might happen?

Callum Davies

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