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The Louisville Police Officer Whose Good Deed took the Internet By Storm

A Helping Hand

We like uplifting stories here, social media can sometimes be an unpleasant dystopic nightmarescape of trolls, identity theft, shaming and James Franco being creepy, but every once in a while something happens that warms your heart like a panda hugging a Labrador. We’ve been a bit spoiled for that kind of thing lately, from the Dancing Man saga to the reparation of a 40 year old friendship, and now we have a new story to add to the collection.

On Saturday Louisville, KY played host the Rhodes City Run, a 10k fun-run which attracts hundreds of runners of all ages every year. Hebron resident Emmy Chepkirui won the women’s first place prize and Geoffrey Kenisi took the men’s, but the real star of the show was Asia Ford. Two years ago she weighed 474 pounds and in that time she has dropped over 200 of them. She decided to make the run her latest fitness conquest. She trained for months to compete in the event.

Sadly when the day arrived Ford began to struggle around half-way through the race, attracting the attention of a nearby police officer, Aubrey Gregory. He asked her if she wanted to stop, but she refused to give up, telling Gregory that she was going to finish the run come what may. Gregory was unwilling to leave her though, and, taking her hand, walked her all the way to the finish line. They crossed the line at the back of pack, but to a hero’s welcome.

It’s uplifting to see this kind of thing resonating online, and resonate it did. Local news network WHAS11 posted images on the pair on their Facebook page and raked in over 70,000 likes and over 10,000 shares. Within hours of the race finishing photographs of the pair began trending on Twitter and elsewhere. The mayor of Louisville even got in on the act.

Both Ford and Gregory are going to be honoured by the city today (Monday) in a special ceremony. Jonathon Roberts, the photographer who captured the inspiring moment, will also be recognised. Ford herself called Gregory an ‘angel’ on Facebook by way of thanks. Stories like this are worth exemplifying, if only to make yourself feel a little bit better about the wider online world.   

Callum Davies

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