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TweetDeck Teams Simplifies Account Management

Twitter Teams - Assemble!


Twitter have added TweetDeck Teams to their TweetDeck application. If you’re not sure what TweetDeck is, it's a dashboard application for the management of Twitter and Facebook accounts. Like other Twitter applications it interfaces with the Twitter API to allow users to send and receive tweets and view profiles. Pretty wordy stuff, right?

TweetDeck Teams is a feature that allows users to grant others access to their account without having to give out their passwords. This feature is mostly aimed at high profile power users and brands. I don’t particularly think you’ll want to be giving a few of your mates access to your personal account. Trust me, it doesn't end very well.

TweetDeck Teams allows the password holder to give users either an administrator or contributor status. Here’s a rundown of what the two can do.

- Admins can sign into TweetDeck with their personal accounts and send tweets, schedule tweets and add or remove team members. They cannot, however, access an account from outside TweetDeck or change credentials or passwords.

- Contributors can tweet from the account, build lists, follow and unfollow accounts, and send and schedule tweets; they cannot view, add or remove team members, access the account outside of TweetDeck, or change credentials.

Take a look at the video Twitter released showing us how TweetDeck works:

Twitter described TweetDeck teams as ‘…a simple solution to Twitter account sharing. It enables you to delegate access to as many people as you like, and remove accounts when they no longer need access.’

Twitter knows how to make it sound so simple and look so pretty and blue.

TweetDeck Teams does look quite solid though. I’ll consider taking it for a quick test spin soon. I’ll let you know how it plays out.

Who wants to be an admin for my Twitter? I’ll pay you in pancakes. 

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