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Doom Game Gets Social Media Treatment

'Let me take a selfie, just gotta shoot this Cyberdemon first.'


If you've ever been a gamer you've probably played Doom at one point or another. I was just a wee lad when the gory shoot and blood fest first launched. On its release in 1993 it was critically praised and since then it has been hailed as one of the most important and influential video game titles to date. 

Now, in 2015 you can simple pick up the game on your web browser and give it a quick spin to see what all the fuss was about.

Being such an  influential and cult classic, Doom has been a key target of the modding community. Modding is where fans will take the base game and fiddle about a bit (technical terms galore from me today) to give it different looks or features. Some mods include turning the Doom game into a Mario themed experience or even giving it a nice Batman vibe. Those two just about scratch the surface on the weird world of modding, I fear for your sanity if you wish to delve deeper.

In a more light-hearted and social media spin however, a modder  has created the very first ‘Instagram’ mod for Doom. It has 37 different filters for taking selfies. It also has a selfie stick. Yes really, a selfie stick. How else are you going to snap the perfect picture of a demon exploding after you've load it full of bullets?


The mod is called InstaDoom and was made by the modder Linguica.
Linguica described the mod in a post saying that:

‘You can only take so many pictures of your food slaughtering demons! You want to show the world how hot you are while you do it and now you can! Use the latest in stick technology to get more of yourself in the shot! It's American President Approved! Show how artistic you are while visiting far-away places!’

Instagram users will no doubt recognise most of the filters used such as  Mayfair, Rise and Inkwell because they've been taken straight from Instagram. Linguica has also added some more to really give you some variety in your campaign of pain against hell.


The mod is fantastic. It’s great to see a tongue in cheek attempt to mock Instagram and it’s endless hashtags and filters, I think it’s been done quite well to boot and isn't vindictive at all.  

What is more wonderful is to see a game made over 20 years ago get a modern revamp thanks to someone who just had an idea. The modding community is great. Even if they’re adding a selfie stick into Doomguy’s arsenal. 

Tom Welby

Tom has a degree in Creative and Professional Writing and now he currently manages, edits and writes for this blog. His other interests include Arnold Schwarzenegger films and his dog. Follow him @TomAtSMF

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