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Facebook Introduces ‘Relevance Score’ For Ads

6/10 - See Me After Class, Facebook

Facebook are once again taking steps to make the ads featured on the site more refined, more tailored and more appropriate for targeted users.


Think about the ads you see on Facebook on a daily basis. I’m willing to bet that the large majority of the ads are just a tad useless and appear to be more spam than anything, right? I've just refreshed Facebook 10 times and the ads have remained relatively similar with nothing that really appeals to me. I mean, I don’t really have any desire to take my children to Centerparcs next weekend. I don’t even have children. Not that I know of, at least. What do you know, Facebook?

In an effort to help brands better work out strategies on social media, Facebook are going to be giving them access to a ‘Relevance Score’ starting late last week. The score which ranges between 1 to 10 will show brands how well the ad has performed for its targeted audience.


The score is worked out on a ratio based on positive and negative interaction and engagement with the ad. The list of interactions which will impact this is quite long and can vary over time but Facebook insist that it will be worked out based off of the ad’s objectives. Views and conversions will play a base mark for the score though.

Relevance Score is different from other ads which have a guaranteed delivery. For example, if you pay for reach and frequency ads on Facebook you pay a set amount to reach a set number of users. Relevance Score can’t guarantee how many people you’ll reach, but in turn it’s much cheaper. 

Facebook confirmed this in their blog post.

‘Relevance score has a smaller impact on cost and delivery in brand awareness campaigns, since those ads are optimized for reaching people, rather than driving a specific action like installs.’

Facebook also commented on the cost of relevance score and said:

‘It can lower the cost of reaching people. Put simply, the higher an ad’s relevance score is, the less it will cost to be delivered. This is because our ad delivery system is designed to show the right content to the right people, and a high relevance score is seen by the system as a positive signal.’

This however leaves us to assume that Facebook are getting better at showing ‘the right content to the right people’ and I’m still unsure about their capabilities with this.

Essentially, Relevance Score will help advertisers work out if their ads are working or not. They’ll be able to tweak their released ads and pay close attention to their relevance score to see how their content is being received.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Facebook can go any further than just showing you what you recently searched for on Amazon

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