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If Social Media Was A Video Game

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Do you ever sit back and feel like social media is turning your life into a video game?

You've got to get those 100 more likes to level up your popularity, or get another subscriber donation to get that advert revenue you’re after. If you feel like this is your daily grind, then the company Dissolve has got you covered. 


Dissolve has released some clips of gameplay of their new game.

Well, not really. It’s actually a video mimicking how much of a game our lives and social media has become, but it’s genius nonetheless and will hopefully make you ponder your social media activities.

Take a look at ‘Likehunter: Become a Social Star’ here:

Dissolve described their ‘game’ by saying: ‘What if the relentless pursuit of social media fame was a video game? This gameplay trailer lets you follow the action as four social media archetypes pursue likes, followers, and validation from their peers. In a world where Tweets, status updates, Instagram shots, and YouTube videos can make or break you, Likehunter tells it like it is.’

Dissolve is a stock video footage company. Just like stock photos, they compile huge collections of videos and then anyone can come and purchase them for their own uses. The video, Likehunter was actually created as a show reel for the company.

Though there is no astute message that Dissolve meant to send, Likehunter cleverly shows us just how focused we are about our social media on a personal level.

I have spoken to many friends and people close to me who are actively concerned about their social media profiles. Each person is immensely aesthetically driven and concerned that unless they have numerous pictures or check ins for nights out with their friends they’ll be labelled as uncool and unpopular.

This is an issue I never quite understood. If you find someone who isn't actively updating their activities on social media, I don’t instantly assume that they've got nothing going on in their lives. I assume that they just don’t really care enough to make a post about that one pint they’re having at the pub after work.


It’s very easy to get swept up into a social media ‘addiction’ of sorts so it’s always important to remember your life before updates and tweets.

With Christmas just a few weeks away (No, I haven’t mentioned Christmas too much. Yes, I REALLY am that excited) let’s take some time to take a step back and enjoy our lives without worrying what our friends and followers think of us.
Plus I bet you’ve never met half of them twice.


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