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YouTube To Let Users Make Gifs From Videos


YouTube will finally allow users to take short segments of videos and turn them into gifs, a feature that has been long anticipated and requested.

I spend a fair amount of time during my days looking at and laughing at gifs and sending them along to who I think will laugh at them, I've often sat back and wondered just how people would make a gif. Obviously, a quick Google search would have told me but I never quite found the energy to go actively searching for a method.

However, YouTube is planning on making this a lot simpler for the not so gif-savvy folks like myself by introducing a feature which will allow viewers to easily create a gif from a video of their choice. At long last I can make countless Arnold Schwarzenegger gifs to bombard all my friends with online. Ok, maybe no Arnie gifs
This truly is the golden age of technology.

Initially rolling out for a limited time only, the feature was actually not announced by YouTube but noticed by a Kickstarter CTO, Andy Baio who tweeted about the gif feature when it was first noticed.
The gif option is currently only found in the PBS Digital Idea’s channel and videos and you’ll find it right below the share button. Take a look by following the link.

Click on the Gif button and you’ll be given a little frame slider option and you can then create a gif from a clip as short as 0.3 Seconds or as long as 6 seconds. It will also show you a little preview of what your gif will look like underneath the slider. I’ve given it a whirl and it is really is quite simple. Especially for people like me who as said, aren’t that good at gif creation.

Despite this only just hitting the news this week, it was actually announced over a month ago in YouTube’s Creator Preview, but YouTube like to keep us surprised and have kept this update fairy quiet. Quite odd really when it’s something that’s been requested for a while but hey, I’m not complaining!

Mike Rugnetta who’s apart of the PBS Ideas channel commented on the new feature and they were just as surprised as everyone else. ‘The lot of us got an email last night from our partner manager letting us know Idea Channel had been added to the group of channels they're using the beta test the new GIF feature.’

He added that: ‘It's great! Having the ability to excerpt YouTube videos as GIFs on the watch page make perfect sense to me. It's something fans have been doing manually (downloading videos, using Photoshop, etc.) for a while — this makes that process much easier and more populous. I'm excited; I can only hope they'll make it widely available!’


So keep patient and use the gif service every so  often and hopefully YouTube will roll it out across many more videos. I can already imagine the incoming storm of gifs that we could end up facing.

I can’t wait. 

Tom has just graduated from University of East London in Creative and Professional Writing. He loves writing and is currently interning as a content writer hoping to go further. His other loves include Arnold Schwarzenegger films and his dog. Follow him @TomAtSMF

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