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Tesco Offering Discounted Wine Through Social Media

Yo-Ho-Ho And A Case Of Wine

Tesco’s haven’t really been having the best year have they? With the profit warnings coming storming out it really seems like their back and forth advert banter with Asda didn't quite pay off as hoped. After their fifth profit warning, plans for 100 new stores were axed. Ouch.

But in the wake of their profit troubles, Tesco’s are trying out something a little bit new and turning to social media to try and draw in people, particularly as we draw close to Christmas.

Tesco is offering 26% off cases of Château Léoville Las Cases 2009 via a social selling campaign targeting fine wine lovers with “co-buying” service Buyapowa.


Not a bad call at this time of year, everyone is after as much wine as possible to help themselves forget that it even is Christmas Eve or Day and people are always looking out for good deals because let’s be honest if you’re hosting Christmas it’s going to be expensive

The case of wine in question would normally be worth £1,350, so it’ll end up costing you £999 or so. (I really hope that’s right, my maths is terrible) As you can see, it’s still pretty pricey but it’s safe to assume that Tesco’s target audience with this campaign is definitely fine wine lovers who really know their stuff. This is probably a good move on their part, moving away from a stereotype of cheapness and poor quality can only do them favours as they try to move into the new year and hit back at their declining profits.

This campaign isn't the first of its kind for Tesco’s, but it’s definitely one of their bolder moves.
Nick Juby, a commercial manager for Tesco’s commented on the campaign saying: ‘We want to push boundaries and go beyond using social media just as a means to market to our fans and followers, but actually use it to power social retail.’

Gideon Lask, Buyapowa’s chief executive, added: ‘Tesco is using the tools, language and behaviour of social media to reinvent the way customers interact with and, ultimately, how they shop with Tesco. Its social co-buying channel gives customers a greater say in the way deals are generated, delivered and enjoyed. Above all, it gets social audiences shopping.’


The importance of social media helping brands is outstanding and Tesco’s move towards it highlights just how valuable it can be. I am certain that if they continue with this social media drive, next year will mark a huge difference between the issues they have faced this year.

For any of you wine aficionados out there looking to get your hands on this deal, all you have to do is share the deal on social media with other wine lovers. Easy!

If you’re interested to know, Château Léoville Las Cases is a Bordeaux second growth from the St Julien appellation. I’m guessing that means that it’s pretty fancy.

So get sharing and get yourself stocked up for Christmas.

Also, if you’re got any spare bottles going, send them my way.
I’ll give them a good home.  

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