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Facebook Make Plans for TV Show

HLN Team with Social Media Giant

Facebook have reportedly teamed with American network HLN to create a TV show utilizing the social media platform.

Variety reported last week that HLN, a network owned by CNN Worldwide, is aiming to create “a pilot for a series that will use the popular social network to find and tell interesting stories”. This comes as part of HLN’s recent attempts to re-brand itself as a more social media savvy news network. At the moment however, both HLN and Facebook seem pretty unclear about what exactly the proposed programme would entail.

Kari Kim, Vice President of development at HLN, stated in a recent interview “We don’t and they don’t want this to feel like ‘The Facebook Show,' it’s really about the stories and how we are using their tools”. The news is still pretty vague at this point, as even the format for the show is yet to be decided, with options ranging from weekly installments to a short run of specials being discussed. The host is also as yet undecided.

Andy Mitchell, director of news and global partnerships at Facebook seemed optimistic is a prepared statement: “The initial ideas HLN came up with are very encouraging, and we are looking forward to getting to work and seeing what comes out of the production process”.

What route the show will take is pure speculation right now, but it’s expected to be a fairly generic news programme, with the only major difference being the source for the stories. There are also rumours it may follow down the documentary route, using Facebook to find interesting people and their stories among the millions of generic posts.

Of course with this announcement come the worries over our privacy, as the deal could potentially allow HLN to scour through our social media profiles and broadcast whatever they find on national TV, without you even knowing it’s happened. That does seem to be very much the worst case scenario, and I’m not suggesting you start to panic just yet.

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