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6 Apps You Need to Stay Social in 2015

New social media platforms and social applications are released every day. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which apps and platforms are right for your business. So, here is a brief list of social applications to watch in 2015:

1. Line

Messaging is a quick way to communicate with your employees and staff. Since most people are busy, important conversations need to happen quickly and Line allows one-on-one chatting as well as group messaging. Additionally, it offers video sharing, voice messaging and photo exchange. Not only can you and your employees connect with each other, but you can use this app's social features by following popular artists and brands. This is especially helpful if you are in advertising or marketing because you can keep up to date with what's trending.

2. Quicket

If your business requires you to travel frequently, Quicket is a one stop shopping tool. It enables you to book your ticket online and choose your seat all from your smartphone. This app also allows you to be social by checking-in via Facebook and even connecting with who is sitting next to you on the plane.

3. Space Tag

Available for free, Space Tag allows people to leave their digital mark wherever they go. Users can snap a photo, leave notes about their location and share on social networks. It is a way to communicate with others about a particular place, capture a memory and even make a digital diary. This is especially helpful for businesspeople who travel or for advertisers and marketers who need feedback on their client's location and business.

4. Rinbw

This app can be a fun way for your employees to bond and have fun with each other. Rinbow allows you to share 5-second videos to people in your contacts. Creating and sharing these videos may spur conversations, spark creativity and help build team unity. Friends can also "fruit" videos that they like, which will definitely make the person sending the clip smile.

5. Viber

Viber is another great app for the traveling businessperson. It not only allows you to call locally and internationally for free, but it lets you text and send photo messages, too. Without the fear of running up charges and fees for long-distance calling, Viber allows users to talk and connect without pricey repercussions. This also is helpful if your clients are out of the country or if you have a global workforce.

6. Heard

Heard is a social network that allows users to interact anonymously based on the content they prefer. Visitors can check out polls, predictions and posts from others and then interact with them as much (or as little) as they want. Heard also connects your content to the right audience, which is especially helpful if you are in content marketing, an upcoming blogger or publisher or a writer that is trying to get noticed. The app then tracks user reaction and other stats that are helpful to your business.

Social companies possess the potential to make their mark in 2015. If you want your business to stay social and be noticed, be sure to watch these social applications and let them help your business thrive.

Written by Social Media Cambridge

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