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Create Your Own Fairytale with Fairytrail: Dating for Digital Nomads


“I had a really hard time dating when I was on the road so much. I was working in different sites around the US and I was on the road three weeks per month. I physically couldn’t meet for coffee dates. It was impossible”. – Taige Zhang, Founder of Fairytrail

Fairytrail began as a possible solution to a problem— to help people explore the world with someone they like. A genius dating-travel app hybrid, Fairytrail helps connect remote workers on a singular platform to plan future journeys and group activities. But how does it differ from its competitors?

In comparison to the dating service giants like Tinder, Match, Bumble or Hinge, Fairytrail targets a specific group of people: digital nomads. Users aren’t limited to finding the right person in their local area, their native language, or even their own culture. Fairytrail paves the way for new experiences of every kind. It aims to ‘expose you to people you otherwise would almost never meet in your own city’ and according to Taige, offers a solution to a real human need.

Remote and freelance work is on the rise; Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 25-30% of a workforce will be working from home on a multiple-days-week-basis, post-Covid. And recent surveys showed 80% of employees have a desire to work remotely from time to time; thus, increasing the demand for more flexible arrangements between employers and employees. But despite this newfound desire for remote work to continue in the future, social isolation and loneliness are issues that are likely to persist. This is where Fairytrail comes in. 

Dating apps tend to have a bad reputation. Swiping left or swiping right to like or reject potential matches puts pressure on individuals to find their perfect love match. It constantly makes you aware of the competition and emphasises appearance over the importance of finding a genuine human connection. Taige states, “Dating apps don’t have your interest in mind. When you want to reply to your potential partner’s messages, you’re shown more matches. They want you to keep dating. They want you to keep swiping. Their $6 billion dollars is tied to you being single and using their app”. There is something quite clinical and impersonal about this process, which is why this app has so frequently been referred to as the "hook-up" app, perfect for those who are looking for non-committal casual relationships. It's convenient and easy to use, but it doesn't work for everyone. 

Fairytrail's mission is to reduce loneliness in the remote worker and travelling community. It allows users the opportunity to explore the world with someone they like. If a relationship develops from this— that's amazing! But if it doesn't, users have a takeaway experience like no other. Creating relationships across countries, creeds, cultures, races, and classes is something to truly be excited about. 

Click here to read more about Fairytrail's mission.

In comparison to other dating apps, Fairytrail uses widely recognised fairy tale characters to elevate personality. As a user you have the option to choose the character you think best suits your personality so whether you’re curious and fun-loving like Ariel, or a born leader like King Arthur there is a type available for everyone. 

So, how does it work?

Fairytrail uses Enneagram and MBTI personality types to help users date more effectively and see for themselves who they’re more likely to have chemistry with. If you find a match, you then unlock travel destinations. If there’s a mutual interest, they are then connected to chat. In an ideal scenario, this video chat would then lead to both parties wanting to meet. Fairytrail recommends users meet safely on a public adventure provided by professional travel operators. Meeting someone new for the first time can be an exciting yet frightening experience for anyone, especially when travelling abroad. Taige encourages users to engage in group activities initially. Bringing a friend can sometimes enhance the travelling experience and take the pressure off both parties involved.

Not only do Fairytrail wish to combat romantic loneliness, but social loneliness too. Their Facebook group: Campfire, was set up for users to share their passions, business ideas, to find partnerships and collaborate. It's a page dedicated to remote working and allows people to seek or offer advice on the remote lifestyle. As Taige states, "There is two types of loneliness: romantic and social. We need both for mental health and wellbeing".

Since its launch, Fairytrail have already had a number of success stories, with users speaking highly of their experiences using the app:

I’m loving the app. I’ve already connected with a few people that are wonderful and great matches! For a long time, I’ve dreamed of finding a partner who shared the same case of the travel bug. Someone who wouldn’t be disappointed when hearing I wouldn’t stay for long but would happily pack up with me to see the world. Thank you for creating this app! I’m excited to connect with more likeminded souls and hopefully find the perfect match”

      Anonymous (Email to Fairytrail)

You are doing what you set out to do with this app — decrease loneliness! I’ve only been on the app a few days, and I’ve already connected with someone and have started a really amazing correspondence that we’re both really enjoying! I enjoy using the app, but more than that I really enjoy the amazing people it’s bringing into my life!”

      Anonymous (Email to Fairytrail)

Fairytrail targets a group that has been overlooked by other dating apps. It's for the travellers, the adventure seekers and those who cannot be in a singular place for too long without feeling that familiar itch to see more of the world. There seems to be a level of understanding or intentionality between users too that is not present on other dating sites, with users actively having to connect on a digital basis first before even meeting in person. And with a $2.99 entrance fee, an effort has been taken to deter scammers and attract people with only the sincerest of intentions. 

To listen to the full interview with Fairytrail founder, follow the link here. 

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