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TikTok Global Sponsor of Euro 2020 Effect: Hashtag's Reaching Billions Of Views

Despite so many dedicated social media apps that have appeared lately specifically for football teams and fans, TikTok becomes now the centre of attention for EURO 2020. This proves that segmented social networks for specific interests are good but when it comes to events like this, people want to be where the biggest conversations are happening and where everyone is talking about it. 
In February 2021, TikTok surprised many by announcing a global sponsorship of the UEFA Euro 2020, the delayed football tournament set to kick off just four months later.

The UEFA success now depends on driving fan engagement to new heights online and illustrating how the pandemic hasn’t diluted football fandom. Beyond UEFA, rights holders will hope that a successful tournament will diminish any tentativeness seen from sponsors throughout the ranging from a lack of certainty around return on investment to reputational risks if sponsorship activations failed to strike the right chord with consumers.

TikTok’s partnership with UEFA is a useful litmus test to understand the extent to what level of fan engagement is possible in this new normal.
The UEFA launched an official Euro 2020 TikTok account prior to the tournament, featuring behind-the-scenes content as well as current and archival footage – it currently has 4.1 million followers, and almost 50 million likes for its videos.

Some TikTok videos have had 36 million views by the time we wrote this article.

The hashtag #Euro2020 has had 8.1 billion views, #TikTokEuro2020 936.2 million views #uefaeuro2020 62.5 million views and growing every second.

The partnership also included broadcast sponsorship rights, giving TikTok brand exposure around UEFA EURO 2020 live match programs across all European broadcast channels.

This partnership represents a world-first as TikTok is the first “digital entertainment platform” to sponsor a major international tournament for UEFA. TikTok is providing a place where fans can follow their favorite football content creators, share the best TikTok football content, and create their own special moments, reactions and celebrations around the tournament.”

During the last year, TikTok has been one of the most talked-about platforms so it really makes a lot of sense for UEFA EURO to use it to reach its fans and “provide fans globally with a unique and innovative UEFA EURO experience,” explains Guy-Laurent Epstein, marketing director of UEFA. "Furthermore, it gives them the opportunity to connect and share their passion around one of the world’s premier sporting events.”

As Global Sponsor of the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament, TikTok has launched a range of features like AR effects, Hashtag Challenges, TikTok LIVEs, and Sounds. In turn, UEFA has provided TikTok access to its library of historical assets to help create content for fans.

TikTok sponsorship has delivered immediate results as Google searches spiked on the tournament’s opening weekend

The analysis of Google Trends data by creative resource Design Bundles reveals that searches for TikTok in the UK increased by 143% compared to the 2021 average on Saturday 12 June, the second day of Euro 2020, when three games were played.

“TikTok is fast becoming a place where people can enjoy a new type of experience for the beautiful game, as more and more football organizations, teams and players jump on our platform to engage directly with fans,” explains Rich Waterworth, TikTok’s general manager for the UK & EU. “Our community loves to celebrate sport in creative ways, and I can’t wait to see how they engage with all the unmissable content we expect for UEFA EURO 2020.”

Finally, the partnership will give TikTok broadcast sponsorship rights, providing brand exposure related to UEFA EURO 2020 live match programs on broadcast channels in Europe.

I am looking forward to seeing where these partnerships with social networks will take sports events of this type, is any social network planning to sponsor the Olympic Games? We'll see.

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