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Is It Possible To Enhance Your Brand Exposure Using TikTok Marketing?

TikTok started as a lip-syncing video platform with a large audience base encompassed with entertainment features like short video clips to make the audience feel great. After launching mainly as an application for user engagement, they began to roll out certain marketing techniques to secure their brand identity. It has marketing operations similar to other media like Facebook and Instagram with ads and events marketing. Many companies wonder and question, is it possible to enhance brand engagement through TikTok marketing? The answer is yes, and it has been clarified by the digital marketing expert Trollishly.

How can a business use TikTok to market their brand?
The business with its brand target audience in TikTok can prefer TikTok marketing by utilising the media ad formats. TikTok allows the brand to choose their marketing methods; it has both organic and paid advertising. The business that seeks brand engagement speedily can prefer the premium TikTok campaigning methods to get the expected results. Before entering into TikTok marketing, the company must ensure that its target audience is available on the media. The brand can analyse their behaviour and interests in the media and create their brand content for the best marketing.

TikTok users by age group in the US

TikTok users by age group in the UK

*We can see a big difference between the US and the UK because the ages are divided differently, but in reality, both have similar results.

Use TikTok Ads
The TikTok ads are the video and image ads that can be posted in the explore tab to reach the audience. TikTok offers five types of ads- In-feed Native Ads, Brand Takeover, TopView, Branded Hashtag Challenge, and branded effects.

In-Feed Native Ads
The in-feed native ads can contain a brand video of length 9 to 15 seconds with compelling content to impress the audience and show interest in your brand. The in-feed videos can upload in the explore tab and the profile feeds to reach the new audience and existing followers. The product-based ads can broadcast using the in-feed native ads with qualitative content to increase the brand identity.

TikTok allows the user to make their ad placements in the desired location from where their audience to be. The brand keyword content must make included to increase brand followers.

Brand Takeover

TikTok allows the brands to create the brand takeover ad- the full-screen ad that appears before the user-generated content exists. The brand can develop its promotion image and video, gif ad of a 5-second duration. It lasts in the user feed at the top for over 24 hours. It is the most expensive method; the leading brands use this ad to impress their audience and magnify their followers.

Top View

It is the latest advanced feature of brand takeovers; the full-screen ad lasts up to 60 seconds. It has the option to make the ad autoplay and enable sound and add the custom link. The brand has the best opportunity to create a 1-minute length brand video to impress the audience.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

It is the most widely used advertising to find new brand followers. This ad marketing campaign involves tempting the audience to participate in the brand hashtag challenge. Its purpose is to make the brand followers create the user-generated content and upload it using the brand hashtag - this makes the brand fans promote your brand and increase follower's engagement.

Branded Effects

TikTok enables brands to design their custom filter on the application, to promote their brand videos most enthralling to get more impression. Like Snapchat branded lenses, the brands can use the filter to add the 2D, 4D, and AR effects for their video, to make it look more appealing. You can add the necessary filters to make your audience interact with you.

Use TikTok Stories Marketing

The TikTok stories are a beneficial feature of the application used for several purposes in promoting a brand. The brand's in-feed ads and the other videos can share in the TikTok stories of length 15 seconds. The lengthy videos can be fragmented into multiple videos and upload to give the best user experience. The brand should make use of the TikTok stories to develop brand post engagement. After you have posted the brand-related particulars in the TikTok stories and made visibility mode public, your brand followers and the new audiences can see your TikTok stories and reply to them based on the story's content.

The TikTok stories can also use as a notification tool to mention the brand events and challenges to the followers. The product-based games like quizzes and puzzles can be posted in TikTok stories so that many followers will reply to your brand story, and the brand engagement will get increased.

The brand can make the followers enable action by directing them to visit the business website or product application page while they click or swipe up on the TikTok stories to increase your site's traffic.


Use TikTok Events Marketing

TikTok ads help businesses to take advantage of event marketing like performing brand contests, giveaways, and challenges. These strategies help to find new audiences and increase brand identity. The company can strengthen its follower engagement by posting the most acceptable concept to entertain and benefit them. TikTok event marketing has the highest scope in escalating audience engagement.

TikTok Contests

A brand can perform any concept on the contest by polishing the content to the best ground to induce the audience to participate. Based on the exciting ideas and the contest rewards, the brand audiences will move forward to encounter the event. Build the brand-related contest by announcing the winner prize information before it occurs to tempt the followers to attempt it. By adding these details in the TikTok stories, the followers can connect with the event at the right time.

TikTok Hashtag Challenge

It is the most trending marketing method used by the top brands to increase their brand followers instantaneously. The hashtag challenges allow the brand to post its challenge to stimulate its followers to participate in it. By accepting the challenge, the followers will create their user-defined video and post it in their feeds. The follower's followers can see your brand hashtag challenge, and they can also participate in the challenge in their interest. As this extends, the brand hashtag challenge will have replication and will increase the traffic.

Use TikTok Live Marketing

TikTok live marketing essential for the brand to connect with its target audience and customers for better recognition. The TikTok live allows the brand expert to stream with any task and event to make their followers watch it. The brand must plan to make the live session exciting and interactive to trigger the viewers to generate comments. The brand can go with a general meeting with its fans to entertain them. It helps to identify your target audience more about their views and expectations. Making the live session productive for the brand and its followers is necessary to improve the brand reach.

Use TikTok Influencer Marketing

TikTok assists the business at the necessary times to find its brand audience through the external source who works for the brand. The platform consists of several influencers under multiple interests to help the brands to elevate their followers and product sales. The influencer's operations involve paring with the business and make their campaign by elucidating their followers about the brand characteristics and make promotion posts consistently to create interest in your brand. The brand must be conscious of selecting their influencer whose followers match your target audience. The TikTok has four crucial types of influencers named as nano influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers and mega influencers whose follower ranges from 1000 to 10000 followers, 10000 to 100000 followers, 100000 to 1 million followers and millions to billions of followers.

Based on the business objective and target audience requirements, you can prefer your influencer type to amplify the followers and increase the sales leads. The brand influencer has their profile on the media, and they will approach the business, which has a significant number of followers and develop its brand followers more.


Finally, the business that desires to do their online marketing can prefer TikTok marketing if its target audience is present on the platform. The above-described marketing methods can use efficiently to increase business followers and enhance brand engagement.

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