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Social Networks: Star Searching

Michael is 48 years old, a businessman dedicated to managing a store downtown. For Michael, every day is the same; the important thing is to provide the money to support his wife and three children. Gone are his dreams for being a film critic and sports anchorman, now money is the goal and he lives to achieve it. The only reprieve that Michael has after a long day at work is to go home and watch his favourite series, movies, and his soccer team's match. Michael lives happily with his family but the dreams he once held of communicating his ideas and funny comments about his likes and dislikes were left behind, forgotten and left by the wayside.

As time passes, Michael discovers something that to him seems incredible - it's called the internet and social networks. Michael opens a Facebook account, Instagram, and even a YouTube channel as he once again aims to make his dream come true: to be a film critic and sports anchorman. Every day when he returns home, Michael records his videos, writes his comments about the movies that are of his liking and the soccer matches he has seen, he streams live - receiving phone calls and comments. Michael is a success in the network and begins to gain followers, people who think like him and let him know.

At this point Michael’s audience and followers have grown to the point where he begins to get auspices and earns money. This 48-year-old family man becomes a minor celebrity, an influencer, known and respected by many.

As his audience continues to grow, Michael decides to leave his job as administrator, dedicating ever more time to his reinvigorated projects of passion. Not only is he now doing what he loves but he is also making a living in the process. Life smiles at Michael, all thanks to social networks.

Michael can now say that his dreams have, at least to some extent, come true. He is able to pursue his goals through his video blog, sharing his thoughts and opinions with a wide audience who value his input. Michael's point of view is like that of many people and he represents them well; as such a local TV station soon saw the potential of Michael and now they want to hire him as an anchorman. All this happened thanks to social networks.

My point with the tale is this: what years ago would have been seen as unlikely at best is now a viable reality - we can all be stars thanks to social networks. We can all have our moment of fame or have access to it forever. How many talented people exist hidden because life did not allow them to be seen? Today social networks not only leave us in view of everyone, they also give us the chance to show our talent and be stars from anywhere in our house or in the world. Do you want to sing? Or maybe dance? Do you want to play Hamlet lying on your bed or while brushing your teeth? Today is your opportunity; social networks eagerly await that one video that will make you the next big social media star. Of course, the other possibility is that people cannot stand it and they block you, but hey – that’s fame.

Guest Post by Luis Del Prado

Luis is a scriptwriter, teacher and journalist for newspapers and magazines in Lima.

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