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How much do we care about social recognition? Do I feel proud of the car I own? Or the trip I made? Or the children I have raised? Or the dinner I cooked? The answer is yes, so as is commonplace today I'll post it on social networks.

There are of course some people who have no limit in this way of relating and they publish absolutely everything that happens in their life, and in this case online sharing can become something of a problem. For me, one of the worst examples is when people record a concert and then upload it; the question is: did you go to enjoy the concert or just as a cameraman? From this point of view the problem is real, with this constant need to live through social networks rather than enjoying the experience itself presenting more and more like an addiction.

For me the various networks now on offer serve as a means of communication, a real and effective means of disclosure, but how much should I divulge? Should there be rules of conduct in the network? It is interesting to hear some generalised principles, which I have compiled below in the hope of providing some clarity on the matter:

Keep It Positive

This principle is based on social acceptance and how badly a person who criticises all the time falls, though it is also not good to exaggerate since a person who expresses only positive thoughts often is seen as hypocritical. The way I see it is simply “if you do not have something good to say, do not say it at all.”

Avoid Religion & Politics

In many ways this point is the same as the previous, as constant criticism is never an attractive trait. In the case of religion and politics however an ill-thought-out post can cause substantial offense or upset and so it may be safer to avoid the subjects entirely if you hope for a peaceful online existence. Take myself for instance; I have several friends and study partners who work in the political environment and I would not want to tell them something offensive that may compromise our relationship.

Limit Your Communications

If you’re only living through networks there will come a time when you have nothing to say should you choose to venture out into the real world. On top of that you don’t want to bombard people’s feeds to the point where they’re sick of seeing your name. Give people the chance to miss you and you'll become more popular with your communications.

Exercise Discretion

Watch out! The networks have become a guide for kidnappers, thieves and other villains. If they see that you have much, you may soon have very little, and that is an unfortunate reality.

Do Not Impose Your Thoughts & Ideals on Others

Contents of this article included, our ideas are our own and not everyone thinks the same. It is important to respect our differences and remember, your right always ends where the rights of others begin.

These are some of the basic principles that I have been collecting that in my opinion form a good base for online communications. However the above should not be treated as gospel, just some ethics and common sense.

Guest Post by Luis Del Prado

Luis is a scriptwriter, teacher and journalist for newspapers and magazines in Lima.

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