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Facebook's Appeal for Blood Donors Could be Life-Saving

Of all the social media platforms, Facebook is one of the leaders which is much more than just a network by adding features to truly make a positive difference. In the past, Facebook have ran campaigns to raise awareness for organ donations, suicide prevention, mental health and fake news, as well as constantly redefining the Crisis Response feature to be as effective as possible.

Facebook's most recent appeal is recognising the safe-blood shortage in India, by making blood donation easy, accessible and efficient across the country. Blood donations can often be short of demand due to those wanting to donate being unsure of the process, where to go and how to help, but with Facebook bringing the campaign onto the easy-to-use, popular platform, it's likely to boost reach and awareness and ultimately, save lives.

From the 1st October, which is India's National Blood Donation Day, Facebook will allow users in the country to register as a blood donor and specify their blood-type on their profile. Like with all information you give, privacy settings are available; blood-type and donor-status can then be made private by selecting the 'Only Me' setting, or visible if the individual wishes.

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Users will also get the option to request a certain blood type where it's needed through a special type of post, whether it be an individual or organisation e.g. a blood bank. From these appeal-posts, Facebook will notify local qualifying donors with the correct blood type to see if they can help.

The features will be accessible on Android devices and mobile-web first, as these platforms are the most popular in India at the minute. It will then ultimately be available on iOS so even more people in India can help and if the campaign is successful and makes enough of a difference, it could be rolled out to other countries with healthy blood-shortages.

Facebook Newsroom concludes the campaign announcement with the following:

"We hope this new feature helps people come together in ways that weren’t possible before. By raising awareness and growing the number of blood donors in India, we want to make it easier for people and organizations to give and receive blood."

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