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Snapchat Expand Discover Further With New York Times, German Publishers

Snapchat are once again pumping a dose of steroids into Discover. This time around, they're looking to Germany, launching the feature in the country for the first time. The first media outlets to publish in German on Discover include Vice, Sky Sport and Spiegel Online. After France and Norway, this is the fourth international iteration of Discover to be added in.

Norway in particular was a strategic move on Snap's part. Over 50% of all smartphone users in Norway have Snapchat, and similarly the app has seen a whopping 207% increase in daily active users in Germany in the past year. As a part of this deal, Snapchat seem to have also tweaked the revenue parameters, so that they share ad revenue with German publishers, rather than keeping it all in exchange for a flat fee.

Meanwhile, the Stateside rendition of Discover has just added a new member to the roster - The New York Times. This has been on the cards since February, and now it's happened, with the Times posting five stories per week pulled from their 'Morning Briefing' feature. They've also thrown the crossword in, just because it wouldn't be the New York Times without it. Canadian and Australian users will also have access to this content.

It's a wise move for Snap to pay particular attention to Discover. With Facebook focusing so heavily on Stories, it remains one of the app's most unique, interesting features, and an engaging way to bridge the gap between news media and social media.

There is one, rather unfortunate caveat though. Expanding into Germany could well be regarded by many as another move from Snap which is too heavily biased towards wealthier markets. Recently, a former employee claimed that Evan Spiegel had said that Snapchat was "only for rich people" and that they weren't interested in expanding into "poor countries like India and Spain".

Snap have denied the comments, but it's still caused something of an uproar in India in particular, and an expansion into the German market likely won't do much to remedy that. Snapchat don't strike me as a culturally elitist company, but it's on them now to prove that to the rest of the world.

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