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Musical.ly Steps into Live Streaming with Live.ly

You might have heard of Musical.ly as a fast-growing social video network that allows you to dub over your voice with songs from established artists. It was created so users could create their own music videos, but of course, they've been using it to do other things as well. Due to this, the company has decided to expand what you can do on there with the integration of Live.ly.

So, live.ly won't be an app of its own, for now at least, it's just an expansion of Musical.ly. Users don't want to just lipsync anymore and live streaming is looking to be the next big thing. Musical.ly is one of the few social networks since Snapchat to gain any traction in users so this could be important. Live streaming is the next big thing that everyone wants to get into and at the moment, Periscope and Facebook Live are in the lead. Next to these two giants Musical.ly and therefore Live.ly are relatively unknown and they'll have a lot of work to do to build up a live video user base, but it is interesting to see how they plan to do it.

What might be different about this is that Musical.ly is mostly used by teenage users like Snapchat. So this makes them users who want to be able to create fun videos that focus on comedy, on animals or on whatever else they know they can make entertaining. This means they want to create and share so live streaming could grab their interest. Some of them might be on Twitter or Facebook so they might have stumbled across or have used either of their live streaming platforms, but they aren't what they're going to want. They're going to want something playful or something they could do a lot with. Musical.ly became a hit because of the inclusion of music. If they could include something like that, then their streaming would definitely stand out and it could make for some fun videos. All Musical.ly wants to do is provide their users with a chance to interact in real-time and that leaves what they could do with it very open.

They've already started to roll Live.ly out to a select few users and plan to roll out it to their entire user base soon.

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