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End-to-End Encryption Soon to Be Opt In on Facebook Messenger

Slowly, messenger apps are picking up end-to-end encryption, which is great. It means users can be assured of privacy and that makes the apps seem more trustworthy. The most recent app jumping on the bandwagon is Facebook Messenger, only they're thinking of making it opt-in rather than a standing feature.

The problem with end-to-end encryption is that it can be limited by the data you need. Facebook is involved with and currently using bots which requires data from messages in order to function. Messaging bots will pull information from both incoming and outgoing messages, sometimes even those saved to a computer system. No one is reading the messages gathered nor will they be used against you, but this is still a little worrying. If you want complete privacy, you're going to have to refrain from interacting with bots.

This must have been a hard decision for Facebook to make. Bots are the next big thing on their agenda, but without end-to-end encryption privacy will be questionable. Most people use Facebook Messenger without a thought, though. I've not really heard of people sending messages on there that might be particularly intimate or something that could get them in trouble. I don't think you really expect complete privacy on Facebook Messenger, but it's not something that most users think about. It is in the back of your mind, though. If you want full end-to-end encryption, then use Whatsapp or another popular app in conjunction with Facebook Messenger. Ideally, Facebook will rectify this situation, incorporating end-to-end encryption into Messenger. Those who wish to keep conversing with bots probably won't mind sacrificing on privacy since encryption won't change anything. I do wonder if many people will actually be bothered about losing the bots as a lot of the users aren't huge fans of them anyway.

Facebook Messenger is not the only app where end-to-end encryption is only optional because of AI interactions. Google's new Duo app has potential end-to-end encryption that you have to opt into as well. For now, users are going to have to sacrifice privacy in order to continue using bots.

Hopefully, this will improve with time, but for now at least Facebook Messenger is getting a little more private.

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