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Facebook Live are Taking on Game Streaming Service Twitch

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When it comes to gaming, Facebook isn't exactly a service you tend to think of. It's a site that you might play some casual games on, but it's not something that as many people play on anymore. However Facebook is trying to get as many people to use Facebook Live as possible and one way they've done that is by making a deal with Blizzard to build a social login which will allow users to stream their games on Facebook Live, starting with their latest game Overwatch.

Blizzard gamers will be able to easily log in to share videos and I'm assuming scores, trophies and other things like that. What this might do is actually encourage more people to watch game streams. At the moment, the only people who really watch them are gamers themselves. They either just enjoy watching games, want to see a play through of a game they want to or can't play or even to try to work out how to do something. The best places for watching game streams are Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Facebook really isn't the service you'd think to go on to watch games, but you are more likely to randomly click on a video if it pops up on Facebook.

Facebook believe that gaming is the next big thing in video, but I'm not sure Facebook is the place for it. Twitch has 100 million users as well as specialist user profiles and chats that people are used to. Twitch users tend to be dedicated and are so are the YouTubers who post videos of their games. Facebook Live has more of a casual feel as do the videos people enjoy on there. Twitch has been made to be the best experience, even if you can't login to games as easily as you'll be able to login to Facebook in Overwatch. If you're streaming something on Twitch then you're serious about it and will likely gain followers. That doesn't seem so likely on Facebook.

Once this comes into play we'll see how well this deal actually works. Overwatch could become the next big thing because of Facebook Live or it could not really make any difference.

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