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Twitter Re-classify their App as a News App

Twitter haven't been doing so great recently and it's getting to the point where they really need new user growth. They can't keep on going the way they have so they have changed Twitter's categorisation in the iTunes store from social media to news.

Tech Crunch

This seems kind of weird as yes, you can use Twitter to keep an eye on what's going on in the news, but it's not the main focus of the service. It almost suggests that Twitter as a whole is going to be turning into a news service, but that isn't the case. In the social media category Twitter have some stiff competition. People are going to see apps like Facebook and Instagram and may choose to install them instead. In the news category Twitter stands out as there's nothing else like it. Not only can you discover the news, but you can share your opinions with the world as well. The only thing even close to Twitter content wise in the news category is Reddit, which is the opposite of Twitter in that its more reporting with a social media twist, or that's how they advertise themselves at least. Twitter is number one in the news category as of now which could get more users downloading and interacting on the app.

What is interesting though is the fact Twitter has only been re-classed on iOS. A quick look at the UK Google Play Store confirmed that Twitter still sits in their social category. The reason for this could be that most Android phones come with Facebook and Twitter already on the system. You only ever need to go on the Play Store to update Twitter, or if you chose to uninstall it and want it back. So if fewer people need to download the app, they don't need to worry about how high up in the charts their app is.

Categorising Twitter as a news app may also help convince more people to try Twitter who wouldn't have before. It doesn't exactly have the best reputation, but a news app is going to be considered more reputable. This is very likely going to be the sort of thing that Twitter need for them to really do well in the future.

Maybe next they should try to be classed as a sports app if they really want to do well.

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