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The British Government Have Spent £70,000 on Sponsored Snapchat Filters

The government, police and so on, will always try to encourage people to stop and think before they drink and drive or even drive whilst high. In the past they'd send messages and images out via Bluetooth if you were in a city, reminding you to do exactly the same things. Snapchat is just the new way to grab the attention of young drivers, the people most at risk of getting into an accident because they've made a mistake.

£70,000 sounds like a lot of money for a sponsored filter for one month, but it was money spent to try to prevent drug driving. In the UK, teenagers can learn to drive at seventeen and will be driving for most of their lives. Most of Snapchat's users are young and a lot of them are going to be willing to try drugs only to then decide to drive. The drugs themselves might be illegal, but it's very difficult to prevent the spread so the police are instead focusing on the accidents that might occur because of them. Different drugs have different effects, but can all impede your judgment or alter your reaction times. If you can't break in time or you think you see something in the road then you will be a risk and you shouldn't be driving.

The Snapchat campaign wasn't the only method the government attempted in this advertising campaign and it was only 5% of the entire budget for the single filter. It's necessary though as if you want to get your messages across to younger people then you need them shared over social media. The government seems to have realised this and have taken it one step further by making it interactive. This filter would have reached more young people than any other type of advert would have and that is what the government were hoping for.


This is the first foray of British politics on Snapchat. In the US this sort of thing is more common and plenty of politicians have Snapchat, in the UK only Jeremy Corbyn has joined the service. This filter would have been released a little before Corbyn joined so that suggests he saw this attempt as a positive step in the right direction. Snapchat has 8 million users in the UK and most of those are young men in between the ages of 18-34 and that's the range of people who really needed to see the filter.

I've not seen or heard much about this filter so I can't say how successful it was, but it has seemingly brought British politics into the Snapchat era and that's going to change things over the next few years.

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