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Sydney Daters can Match with an STI on Tinder


It's never a surprise when someone attempts to use Tinder to tackle sexually transmitted infections. The hook up app has such a reputation for contributing to their transmission that they actually have to provide information on where your nearest testing centre is. However a campaign in Australia is taking passing the information on to the next level with fake accounts for various STIs.

Let's face it, this is a really weird sounding idea and you probably pulled some sort of face when you clicked on this article, but the fact is that sometimes shock value is the only way to grab people's attention. And that is exactly how this campaign is supposed to work. Most people don't bother reading the information about people and if they do, it doesn't matter that much. They look at the picture and they swipe right if they like what they see. The fact that people have actually been swiping right on these strangely named accounts with obvious STI references proves this.

The campaign was organised by HERO condoms with artist Aaron Tyler. They've created ten profiles with half being male and half being female. The images are made of composites of some of the most popular selfies around that have been edited in Photoshop with Instagram filters put on top to make non-existent but desirable fake users. The names are plays on the STI the account is supposed to be and their profiles contain things that kind of suggest that this isn't a real person. Take Herpez for instance:


100 connections were made with users from the accounts within the first 48 hours. Some people of course realised this was just a gag and spoke to them about it but other people were actually confused. It's hard to believe that people would fall for it, especially when you read some of the conversations, but I guess if you're looking for a hook up then you don't really care what they have to say. After a few messages though people are being sent a link that will allow them to claim a free packet of condoms.

I actually think this is a really good idea and I hope people who have been fooled are seeing the funny side as they realise they need to use protection. Hopefully this is the sort of campaign that other that could be emulated across the world.

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