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Taking a Look at Facebook's Partnership with WWE and WrestleMania 32

The WWE has proven to be a dominant force in terms of Facebook video, bringing in nearly 200 million views per month from around 150 million unique users, so it stands to reason that Facebook would want to cultivate a working relationship with the sports entertainment company.

YouTube: WWE
Likely triggered at least in part by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's constant use of the Facebook Live streaming service, their latest effort to do just that saw them partner with the WWE during its WrestleMania broadcast on Sunday night (3rd April). They provided exclusive content and live broadcasts from Superstars on Facebook, behind-the-scenes glimpses posted to Instagram and some truly compelling 360° videos of the action on both sides of the curtain.

Although this year's WrestleMania event itself has been heavily criticised by fans for the choice of matches, controversial title wins, burying of promising superstars and the seemingly undeserved rise of Roman Reigns, they still consistently garner massive figures on social media. Even when they upset their audience, that only drives up their engagement. It really does seem they can do no wrong in the marketing department, even if the shows themselves fall a little flat.

I myself haven't watched any of the WWE shows since I was a child, but I must admit to being drawn into watching their highlight videos on YouTube, so I can see why even those who are not massive fans of the company may be drawn in by their content. By its very nature it encourages comments, discussion and dispute, and people on social media love a good dispute.

This really is sign of Facebook increasing dedication to sports broadcasting, which has seem them team up with the NFL and Match of the Day in the past as they attempt to dethrone Twitter from it's position as the best platform for real-time sports updates. If this latest effort is anything to go by, Twitter may have to worry just a little after all.

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