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Snapchat has More Updates Coming your Way

Snapchat updates pretty regularly, which is generally a good thing considering how quickly teenagers can get bored. The last big update allowed users to add moving stickers to their videos and before that chatting got even better. This update is a lot smaller, but they have some news that should get both teenagers and new adults interested.


The main update is a little addition to the face swap filter. Whilst most filters switch out daily, the face swap is constant. This is due to the popularity and also the amount you can do with it. People are always sharing their face swaps whether they're hilarious or they look pretty awesome. The new update means you no longer have to face swap with someone else or with an object that looked like it had a face. If you've updated Snapchat you should see a new option that will allow you to swap faces with pictures on your phone. Now, Snapchat doesn't let you swap with every picture, if it can't see a face then it won't let you swap. This does open up who you can swap with though. You can overlay your own face, a celebrity's face, your pet who doesn't often stay still enough's face and so on. It sounds like a lot of fun and you can imagine all the new horrors that users are going to be sharing, especially now there are fewer privacy issues if you use a public image.

The other upcoming update is about a new show coming to Snapchat. You might remember MTV Cribs, the show that allowed you to see into your favourite celebrity's houses. Sometimes you doubted that they actually lived there, but it was fun to see what they'd want to live in if they don't already. In the original show there would be editing and the celebrities leading the camera men around the house. Now they're focused on Snapchat there's going to be a big change. Camera men will no longer be needed as the celebrities will just be using their phones to show people around their houses. This is supposed to make the show feel more intimate to their viewers.

The new MTV Cribs will be premiering on Snapchat in June. I'm not sure if it'll be worldwide or US only, but it's going to be interesting to see how much the show has changed in five years and now it's being viewed on social media.

Both of these updates are completely different, but they both highlight the fact that this app is definitely aimed at teenagers who are looking for something fun.

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