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Viber have Improved their Privacy Options for Users

It seems to be a good time to start using messaging apps outside of texting if you don't already. This is partly down to a recent influx of companies improving the security of their private messaging apps. We've already seen Snapchat and Whatsapp's improvements and now Viber is the most recent to join the fray.

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Viber have decided to pull out their own announcement this week to inform users that they now have complete end-to-end encryption too. This follows Whatsapp's recent announcement that they finally have complete end-to-end encryption, after having to admit last month that only their text chats were fully encrypted. This suggests that Viber are hoping to one-up Whatsapp, at least when it comes to timing.

Viber's update is very similar to Whatsapp's those so it could kind of make it look like it's copying Whatsapp. All conversations are now fully encrypted including group chats and voice calls and you can now hide conversations as well as using the expanded deletion section that already existed.

What is slightly different is how Viber are dealing with these encrypted messages. Rather than just telling you that a conversation is locked, there is actually a colour coded system. If the lock is grey, then it's fully encrypted, but if it's green then you can monitor users and authenticate them before they can access the chat. If a lock is red, then that means the chat cannot be accessed due to users needing to be authenticated again or because the conversation or device is being attacked. Now the authentication features are also being used somewhat similarly in Whatsapp, but not in the same way. Viber have also improved upon hidden messages. Whereas on Whatsapp to hide a message you only archive it or have to install a third party app to lock them, Viber hides the messages and then only allows you to access them if you know the four digit pin.

Viber is starting to look a little more tempting than Whatsapp and that's before they've started using it for business or adding bots.

What it's worth noting is that you can't access these new features by just updating your app. You have to scan  code and authenticate your account first, but it seems like it's probably going to be worth it.

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