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Is Miitomo a Better Social Media Service for Friendship than Twitter?

When Miitomo was released last month, a lot of people weren't impressed. Rather than an amazing game, they released a social media service that is essentially aimed at kids. What people didn't realise was how that could be great not just for kids, but for adults too because of how social interaction works on the app.

The Guardian
Miitomo isn't like other social media services, as pretentious as that sounds, because your friendship group can be selective and that means the way you talk can be more open. In the past Twitter was thought of as the best service for forming friendships, but it never allowed you to be selective. Unless you made your page private, anyone could access it and anyone could follow you. It seemed great for interaction and finding new friends, but Miitomo allows you to refine those friendships.

You see, you can't add just anyone on Miitomo. Nintendo friend codes don't work, you can't explore lists of other users and you can't search for someone by their name. You either have to add them face-to-face which requires location data or you could connect Miitomo up to your Twitter or Facebook and find them on your recommended friends. You don't have to say yes to everyone because what you can do is so limited that there would be no point in inviting everyone. You can basically just answer questions and respond to your friend's answers, or you can take photos and again friends can comment or like. You're probably not going to want a work colleague to see you saying that your favourite animal is a "kitty" because they're so "floofeh" as my best friend decided it was amusing to write. It had me in giggles for hours because how the robot sounded saying floofeh. It sounds silly, but that is what Miitomo is great for, some light fun as you answer questions.

My Mii | Nintendo

The ability to only have people you care about and the fact you use Mii's to represent yourself is basically the main reason why Miitomo is so much better. Like Twitter you might feel excited when you see someone say something new, but unlike Twitter the way it's read can sound amazing and you get to see this little Mii representation of your friend answering it. It makes it cute and yes, that might make some things seem weird due to a lack of clear moderation (yes, this means you can swear unlike on other Nintendo products) but it's going to allow you to become closer. Miitomo is still a social network and it's still online, but the only people who will ever see what you say will be people vetted by you. Some of the answers you share between those people will be just between you two and about each other and that could lead to some fascinating conversations. Because you can connect it to Twitter or Facebook this does mean that you can use it in conjunction the other services and get closer to certain friends without everyone seeing. It's great idea and not just a novelty one.

When it comes down to it Miitomo is a simple service, as simple as Twitter used to be. You can't use GIFs or emojis, you can't share whatever you like and what you talk about is limited to the topics of answered questions. They can be anything from your favourite fruit to what you look for in a partner. The simplicity is innovative, but maybe still unattractive to a lot of users. If you are interested though it's a wonderful way to refine those online friendships you've formed previously.

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