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Facebook Allowing Users to Switch Off Live Video Notifications

When Facebook Live was opened to users Facebook began really trying to push Video and their dedicated channel for them. That in itself was a good idea but how they thought it was a good idea to encourage live video notifications, I don't know. Facebook's most recent update now means that you can switch live video notifications off and that update couldn't have come soon enough.

Video is one of the current markets that Facebook are trying to crack. Live video is the way they've decided to do that and the new video tab sets that up nicely for everyone. Videos can easily be labelled and you can easily invite people to watch your videos if you want. The only problem is that the push notifications that friends can send you aren't just limited to their videos. If your friends see something and they think you'll want to see it, then they can send you a notification. That was always going to be kind of annoying, no matter what way you look at it. It's one thing to send a friend a link and say hey, I think you should watch this and why. That's kind of great unless a friend does it repeatedly, like some people I know, and the videos are things you really don't care about, but it does mean the videos are easier to avoid if you choose. If someone sends you a notification, that's slightly more invasive. It's essentially saying, you might not look at the video if I send you a link so here's a reminder that will pop up no matter what you're doing. When these notifications were first rolled out you really had no choice about whether you received them or not and if you didn't get sent any then you were lucky.

Fortunately, Facebook has now seen sense and is slowly rolling out the ability to turn off the notifications. Could this hurt Facebook's push to make their platform great for live video? Services like Buzzfeed seem to think it will suffer as their videos will not be pushed as often, but at the same time, it could make Facebook Live more attractive to users. Users are going to be more willing to watch video if it isn't being pushed at them constantly. If they follow a user it's not so bad, they're choosing to be notified about their videos and so on as it could be a page or a channel dedicated to something that they like. When this is the case users are likely to keep notifications on.

This new update was probably the best thing Facebook could do on the video notification front. This hasn't rolled out for all users yet, but will have been fully rolled out within the next few weeks.

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