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Facebook Removes The Shade Room's Account for Breaking T&Cs


The Shade Room is an internet native black gossip publication that mostly spreads news and stories and across social media. It has a website, but its loss of its Facebook account could have a negative impact on its readership.

For The Shade Room, social media has always been an important thing. Starting on Instagram in 2014, they then moved onto Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Anyone who has published anything online that knows that social media is one of the most important ways to get news of your writing spread. Whether it's gossip, a technical article or fiction writing, if you want people to read it then they need to know about it. For TSR this is especially important as most of their work is shared on social media, more of it than they necessarily post on their site. Facebook was the biggest provider of these views so it must have come as a shock to find their account gone.

Facebook have cited copyright infringement as their reason for removing The Shade Room's account. In the past they have received warnings for this, but they have been extra careful since. At the time of their removal the only person who was approving posts for their page was The Shade Room's founder, Angie Nwandu. She made certain that nothing being posted would infringe any copyright so she's confused as to what the issue could be. Facebook refuse to inform her which of the posts is infringing the copyright so there isn't much she can do about it.

This wasn't the first time that The Shade Room has been mistakenly removed from social media. A year ago TSR was removed from Instagram. Their account was restored and there wasn't much of an issue, but this time The Shade Room has lost 4 million of their followers.

Nwandi isn't that worried about the Facebook removal for the moment. She plans to go through the appeals process to see if they can get the account restored again. A lot of people don't seem to think they'll have much luck, but since TSR is such a popular gossip source then there is hope.

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