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YouTube Battling for Music Streaming Exclusives

I don't think anyone would be surprised that YouTube are looking more into the music industry. They've already started to release their own shows with a subscription service under YouTube Red and after their acquisition of BandPage, what else would they have been working on other than music?


YouTube is still the biggest service online for both video and music. You can find almost anything on there, even if it isn't all hosted legally, but YouTube do their best to only push the music hosted on artist's channels, Vevo and covers of songs. These days you can only find official tracks and covers when searching YouTube on mobile and they've made deals with music labels like Universal, Sony and Warner. One of those deals has recently come to an end and they're in the middle of negotiating a new deal with Universal. Their deals with Sony and Warner are also expected to expire this year, but it seems likely that they will manage to haggle a good deal with them. These deals allow YouTube to legally distribute music owned by those labels so if they lost the rights, then it would be a big issue.

The thing that could hold YouTube back is that YouTube can't currently get into legal trouble if people host music on their server illegally. This is upsetting a lot of the major music managers who are signing a petition that would make them culpable. It might be worth noting though that YouTube is a huge site and with all the copyright infringement already hosted on there, it would be very difficult for YouTube to police it completely. There's always going to be someone who posts a fan video or a lyrics video that goes against the rules.

What YouTube now has planned for musicians could help bring those managers back on side. YouTube wants to get rights to exclusive music and videos that you won't be able to find elsewhere. They'd essentially be paying to get the videos made, but it would grant them exclusivity. YouTube have been going about this by coming up with their Foundry initiatives. These workshops will feature live sessions that they'll post onto YouTube and will allow the artists to see what it's like to work with YouTube. If things go well, then YouTube might put some money towards helping the artist film a video and could grant them space to produce their videos. YouTube is trying to get involved in everything it takes to make these videos and this probably is the smartest thing to do.

There isn't much doubt that YouTube will succeed in this attempt so I think we just have to wait and see what comes out of it.

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