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The Latest Cry from #Greenpeace to #SaveTheArctic

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This is an issue that really sinks a lot of people's hearts. Yet, it still goes on, the destruction of these beautiful creatures homes, their families, their entire lives and eventually their entire existence. We as human beings do this to them, either inadvertently or purposefully, but we can also help to save them.
Greenpeace has launched a new viral video campaign to raise awareness and urge people to sign a petition that I'll include at the bottom. It's titled 'The little explorer' and shows a curly haired little adventurer indulge in her childhood dream.

The video is dripping in the very essence of child wonder, our little explorer very sweetly (and well) makes herself a deep sea diving suit, saluting her teddy before the voyage. We see her watching the ethereal and graceful marine animals outside of her submarine window in amazement; Beluga whales, Lions mane Jelly Fish, Greenland sharks and more. All of these creatures need a specifically designed environment and ecosystem to survive.

This ecosystem makes up part of the 90% of unexplored waters and has previously been untouched; allowing the life there to remain enclosed and serene.

The video is a mishmash of beautiful real imagery and the imagination of a child - the creatures at times are shown to be made of tin foil and cardboard. The video then takes a horrifying turn as a net is dragged towards the little girl and her submarine, scooping her up in a confused flurry. We are left to worry about the aftermath.

The net not only represents the destruction of innocence but the plans that Greenpeace are desperately trying to prevent.

As climate change causes the ice to melt, destructive fishing vessels are making their way further north, putting the animals at risk. Everything could soon be destroyed as fishing fleets drag their heavy nets behind them and scraping and damaging all life forms from the sea bed. A lot of by catch (unwanted fish and other creatures) will also be unrelentingly caught up in the nets. Confused and afraid they will be dragged to the surface and either thrown back, damaged or left to die. A polar bear was recently freed by an Inuit community from a net that was meant for beluga wales.

I hope you all know, I have no hidden agenda from this article except to open your eyes. It's just all of these plans and invasions are unnecessary to us, what do we stand to gain? Who do we think we are? Come on people, do we not already own and destroy enough?

Please take a look at the video below and check out their website.

And sign Greenpeace's petition to stop this disgusting and inhumane behavior. Its so easy to ignore these issues, but it's up to us to speak for those that don't have a voice. #SaveTheArctic

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