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Would You Let Someone See YOUR #Phone #Camera Roll?

Shorts is another photo and video sharing app but it's one with a difference. Rather than allowing you take a photo in an app, edit or even just only pick your best shots it encourages you to share your entire camera roll, either with the public or a select group of friends.

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I know this sounds kind of strange at first. Why would you be willing to share every photo you take? Heck, including screenshots in the possible picture selection just makes that worse. But the fact is that not every photo you take will actually be shared. You have the option of sharing every photo but the first thing it asks you to do is go through the photos or video you've taken since last time and then you can go through them individually and decide whether you want to make them public or not. If you're okay with putting the photos out there then you swipe up, if you're not then you swipe down. It's fairly simple to use and allows you to share as little or as many photos as you like every time. If you use it regularly then people can follow you around during your day and find out what's going on in your life which should make this app attractive to teenagers who seem to love apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

The other big feature of this app is that the creators hope that people will use the app to make new friends. The app has location settings that if turned on will allow anyone near you using the app to be able to see your photos. If they're strangers then they'll only see the first 28 and will have to friend you if they want to see more but that idea makes me kind of uncomfortable. It does mean that you really can't share all your entire camera roll, you don't want strangers seeing pictures of your kids or you in your underwear or anything like that. The reason for this location feature however is to do with another app the company has created called Highlight that essentially just allowed you to find out who was nearby. People were interested in checking out the profile pictures of strangers but there were limited photos. Shorts just allows you to see the photos but that can give you a pretty good idea of what someone's life is like. If you only want your added friends to view your photos though then you can switch location off.

When you're looking at the photos you can tap to like and if you wish to comment then it won't leave that screen. It's streamlined to see everything easily and even the app layout in general is very Snapchat-esque with your fellow users names and profile pictures being all that's listed. You just have to click on their name to go through all their photos so you don't have to worry about your feed being overtaken by that one friend who shares everything.

In general it looks to be a pretty interesting app if you can find a good balance. There's no point in only sharing the best photos but there's also some things that you really shouldn't share with the general public. If you're comfortable enough to give it a go then it is available worldwide but currently for iOS only.

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