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#YouTube are Expanding on their #Gaming Service

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If you haven't heard about YouTube Gaming then I'm not sure where you've been. Youtube Gaming was released last year on the web, Android and iOS, the service has slowly been growing in attempt to beat their biggest competition - streaming service Twitch. This round of updates mostly focuses on Android devices but considering this is a Google service, that's no surprise.

YouTube obviously want more people to use their service and one thing that was still necessary was to make it more accessible when you need to work out how to do something. That's one thing that Let's Plays and video walkthroughs are great for, sometimes on a game you just get stuck and you've tried everything you can see and everything the written guides have told you to do. Sometimes seeing it can make it easier. So YouTube have now made it so you can have YouTube Gaming pop up in a smaller screen on your Android phone, this will work like having multiple programs open on your computer where you make one window smaller and it stays open while you try and do what you're trying to do. This means if you're trying to play a mobile game at the same time then you can or if you want to study a text walkthrough while you do it then you can do that as well. They have also altered the layout of the Android app in general to make it easier to navigate.

The other improvements that were made mostly focus on the live streaming feature of Youtube Gaming. If you're using that service then you're at least interested in watching streams and this update means that you can now watch those streams in a better quality. iOS and computer viewers already had this quality of viewing so there's no need for anyone to feel left out.

Live streaming is probably the biggest aspect of Youtube Gaming. Though a lot of gamers do still use Twitch, more and more people are coming over to Youtube instead because thanks to Youtube Gaming they can store their non-live videos as well as their streams. Everything can be kept together on one channel and it'll make it easier to build a following even if you're only just starting to stream. Youtube Gaming is mostly focused on streaming, if you click into the games sections then those games you see will mostly have a number of live videos been streamed of that game then and there. Just like on Twitch people can follow you and can chat during a stream. At this moment in time the two services are very similar so it'll be interesting to see how Youtube tries to win more Twitch users over.

If you're interested in trying this service out and maybe streaming yourself and you're outside of the USA then the mobile app is arriving for both iOS and Android in Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand soon.

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