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Slyce - Stephen Curry's Social Media Management Platform for Athletes

Even if you don't follow the NBA, you've probably heard Stephen Curry's name being tossed about here and there. The Golden State Warriors point guard has been going from strength to strength of late, and some have started calling him the best shooter in the history of the game. Next to LeBron James, he is easily the most acclaimed player in the game right now, but unlike LeBron James, he seems at least marginally capable of keeping his ego in check.

He's also very good at engaging with his fans, and seems to have come this far without making any particularly violent social media blunders. What he had struggled with was maintaining his fan engagement as his follower count blossomed. His Twitter follower count in particular has skyrocketed in recent months, but as he himself has noted, having north of 4.5 million followers makes it that much more difficult to get back to everyone, there are just too many people trying to reach him.

Curry's friend and former Nike employee Bryan Barr was the first to notice, and he came up with an intriguing premise - filtering through all the noise to find the most pertinent material, the stuff that most warrants a response. Curry clearly liked the idea, because he's partnered with Barr and Jason Mayden (another former Nike staffer, chief designer of the Jordan) on it.

The name, Slyce, might make it sound like some kind of weird upmarket pizza chain, but the concept is solid. It integrates the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the athlete in question, and then determines what is worthy of a response, what is spam and what is just pointless white noise. Curry used it for a recent Q&A and found that it had filtered a daunting 1000 questions down to a very manageable 35.

The app can be downloaded by anyone, and athletes (or whoever else) can post content on it directly as well, content which can then be shared across other platforms, in much the same way as Hootsuite or SendSpace. They also plan to do a lot of work with brands to improve their relationships with sponsored athletes.

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