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3 #Apps and a #Funeral

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Death apps. The name might sound a bit creepy and morbid but the idea behind it is anything but.
'Death apps' is an umbrella term for an app to help you organize not only your life but your life after death. More specifically it combines all of your earthly accounts, social media or otherwise as well as allowing you to plan how your departing celebration unfolds.

Everest have released a perky YouTube video to get their message across and advertise their services. It starts with a chipper young man at the forefront with his family in the back. He addressess the audience with 'Hi I'm Will and I'm dead.' This is of course a great opening line to grab attention. He then goes on to inform us that although his family might be a bit upset, they're in fact not stressed because he made the smart decision of using the Everest app. His smile at the end is unbearably cheesy, as is the whole video add, but it is a perfectly executed Oxymoron.

Everest is a Houston based Funeral Company that launched this Video in February 2016 to target the Millennium 20 somethings into preemptively thinking about their hopefully distant futures. This app and it's uses are also part of many employment benefit's across the US and Canada. Which in a weird way is actually cool benefit. The rival apps are called 'Cake' - who's name doesn't give much away and the aptly named 'Safebeyond'

Death apps could essentially be a storage space of any human beings entire online life. This isn't just limited to their social media accounts and passwords; which could be great in terms of the issue of the dead nearly outnumbering the living on Facebook, but also they can introduce a digital will, a fully fledged funeral plan, multimedia memorial portfolios; for the living to look back on! Those oh so sacred photos never have to be lost again. Imagine looking through your loved ones photo storage and finding memories you'd forgotten or captured moments you never knew existed. It would bring a whole new depth to remembering them.
Online banking details can also be stored so next of kin have easy access to money that might other wise remain untouched and subscription details can be canceled.

Overall this idea seems to be perfect, you know you'll be getting your dream funeral (how bizarre that we have dream funerals) and leaving some peace of mind behind for your family and loved ones. They can view your wishes, hopefully cater to them and also have a piece of you left behind. These app's are dead set to become globally used. Excuse the pun.

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