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Could #Instagramming your #Food Make it Taste Better?

That's right, a recent study has found that if you instagram your food before eating it, your food could in fact taste better. I know, I know, this sounds strange and like something is trying to make an excuse for all those annoying food photos that pop up on your feed and make you hungry but it is in fact true.

Researchers from the University of San Diego and Saint Joseph's University conducted three studies with over 120 participants in each. For the first study people were either given a slice of red velvet cake or a fruit salad and were told either photograph it or not. The people who had the cake found they enjoyed it more after taking a photo but the people who ate the fruit salad enjoyed it no more or less after taking the photo. This would have suggested that people only get pleasure from the more luxurious foods. The second study then focused on the cake, all participants were given a slice to photograph then eat but some were told it was made with more decadent ingredients and the others were told it was made from healthier ingredients, a diet version basically. Unsurprisingly, the people who thought they’d had the unhealthy cake enjoyed it more. This kind of suggests that people would get pleasure from their food if they photograph it and if they think it's either fancy or just not good for them. For this reason the third study focused on healthy food and every participant was given something healthy to eat and they knew that everyone else had too. When this happened people did enjoy the healthy food more after photographing it.

All the studies seem to suggest that as long as you're excited for or happy about the food in the first place, you will enjoy it more if you instagram it. This is likely because of the ritual behind it; older studies have proven that if you participate in some sort of small ritual before eating then you will enjoy it more as you're anticipating the pleasure. The longer you delay eating the food, the better it will taste.

What this says to me is if you want to make a meal more enjoyable then do take a photo of it and that maybe if you're not looking forward to eating something, scroll through Instagram to find pictures of what you're supposed to be eating until you do want it. This could work well for people who are trying to live healthier as they can then see how good this food can look.

It is kind of sad that it isn't actually taking a photo or sharing the food that makes it taste better but it does mean that you could get the same sense of anticipation by snapchatting it or even just tweeting about how excited you are for your food. Okay, that last one might be a little weird but the point is doing something to delay your food does make it more enjoyable and more tempting then if you scoff it down straight away. This is something that people may not have thought of before and it shows that as annoying as foodporn on social media can be, it’s actually improved the way we eat.

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